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Do plans for place-based care for adults with poor mental health focus enough on ensuring they get treatment close to where they live? Published March 2017.

How are NHS clinical and financial teams working together to narrow the funding gap?  Published December 2016, this feature looks at the impact of the Future Focused Finance programme.



The Human Tissue Act 2004 became law in the aftermath of an organ retention scandal. Twelve years on, what has been achieved? Published August 2016





Out-of-date imaging equipment is a growing problem for hospital trusts. How are they working with NHS Supply Chain and suppliers to tackle the issue? Published July 2018

Clinical Commissioning Groups are continuing to reduce the number of  IVF treatment cycles they fund. How are independent providers innovating to ensure services are as accessible as possible? Published June 2018

As a growing sector, how are the dentistry corporates helping to improve children’s oral health? Published May 2018

The independent sector has promised £3.3bn of funding for new primary care estate. How can the pace of building be speeded up? Published April 2018

How should the independent sector address the concerns of the healthcare regulator about the use of locked rehabilitation? Published  March 2018

How keen is the private sector to invest in the NHS are what makes deals attractive to both parties?  Published February 2018.

Should joint venture partnerships between the NHS and the independent sector to deliver pathology services stay small or does the current climate favour much larger scale link-ups?   Published December 2017/January 2018

NHS trusts are gearing up for what could be their most challenging winter period for years. Will the independent sector’s offer of significant capacity be taken up by local health systems unable to provide timely elective care? Published November 2017

It may be nearly a decade since NHS patients were able to have a free choice of hospitals – but only about half of them are aware of their right to choose. What can the independent sector do to help raise awareness and educate patients in this area? Published October 2017.

Does the Primary Care Home (PCH) model offer a real chance to deliver integrated primary care? Published in the November 2016 edition.

hmn_nov16primary-care-home1 hmn_nov16primary-care-home2

Will sustainability and transformation plans (STPs) put the NHS back on track – and in which areas is the independent sector best placed to help? Published in the October 2016 edition.

hm_october_2016-stps1 hm_october_2016-stps2

As the NHS seeks to contain costs, staffing agencies are responding with the launch of new divisions that act as partners providing advice and staff management solutions. Published in the August – Sept 2016 edition.


As child and adolescent mental health services (CAMHS) moves further up the mental health agenda, local collaborations are emerging between independent, NHS and third sector providers. Published in the July 2016 edition .




Why do private investors wanting to deliver new primary care developments think conditions are shifting in their favour? Published in the February 2016 edition of Healthadviser.

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In 2013, clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) took over responsibility for commissioning NHS services. This feature for Health Adviser looked at how collaboration and risk management are key to operating effectively in a very challenging new healthcare commissioning environment.

Health Adviser June 2013
Health Adviser June 2013

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In 2012 I reported for Guardian Professional, asking if hospital trusts risked permanent damage by seeking foundation trust status – focusing on the experience of the South London Healthcare Trust

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In March 2013 I reported for the British Medical Journal on plans by the govenment to sell the UK’s state-owned blood plasma supply company. Concerned MPs said any sale would be a threat to patient safety, as the UK would be forced to buy its plasma supplies on the open market.

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In 2013 I reported for the British Journal of Healthcare Management on two issues:

The first news feature asked if pathology services in England are fit for purpose, five years after Lord Carter’s review put the finishing touches to an inspiring vision. To what extent has his case for rationalisation and integration been realised and where’s the service heading?

The second news feature examined the evolving role of foundation trust governors following the publication of the Francis report into why serious problems in care at the Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust were not identified and acted on sooner. Do the governors, who are elected volunteers, have the skills and clout to avert crisis and protect patients?


The social care system is failing elderly people who live at home. This report for the June/July 2014 edition of Red Pepper asks if it’s time for a radical overhaul of the sector.

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