Help feed people in need appeal now underway!

At this London food bank, volunteers are getting down to Tesco today to encourage local donations during the three-day nationwide collection of emergency food.  Lots of new volunteers are helping with this wonderful event running at Tesco stores throughout the country.

The Trussell Trust is partnering with Tesco and Fareshare to hold the food collection.  The aim is to ensure its network of food banks can provide emergency food to more local people in crisis. Someone in your street or round the corner from you could benefit from your donation this weekend. Donate a can or two of food at your local Tesco store today, tomorrow (November 30th) or Sunday (December 1st). By doing this you can stop someone going hungry in your area.

One of the people being helped in our London food bank today was Theresa (not her real name), 49.  She’s working three low-paid part-time jobs, but had to give up work for a couple of  weeks recently because her 19 year old daughter is experiencing psychosis. Theresa, who has no partner, only gets paid leave/holiday pay in one of her jobs. But she had no choice other than to be there to support her daughter through a critical time. Theresa, who had to rush off to make it on time for one of her jobs,  says: “It’s very hard. Lack of money is the cause of everything, but I can’t show stress in front of my daughter, as she can’t cope with it. It does affect me though. My daughter is getting better, but it’s a long process.”

The donations made during major food collections such as the one this weekend will go directly towards making life a bit better for people like Theresa.

This is the Trussell Trust’s second nationwide supermarket collection, and Tesco is the first national supermarket to partner with food banks. Tesco will “top-up” your food donations by 30 per cent, making your gift go even further. It’s heartening that Tesco has recognised the level of need, as more and more individuals and families hit a crisis.  The Trussell Trust says it is “so excited that the UK’s largest supermarket has caught our vision and is working with us and Fareshare to fight food poverty”.

All food donated at Tesco food bank collections will go directly to the local food bank to help local people in need.