Unemployed Mother Told To Take Degree Off CV By JobCentre Staff

Same Difference

Readers, this mother, Rachel Sawford, hasn’t revealed a disability. However, I am sharing this article because something like this could so easily happen to anyone.

I have a degree myself, and if it was me, I would feel that all my struggles for an education were worth very little if I was not allowed to reveal my achievements when it should matter the most. This is exactly why I, personally, am scared of JobCentres, and thankful that I only claim DLA.

Are benefit claimants not human? Do we not have a right to an education? Someone needs to remind Jobcentre staff that not everyone who goes to university can go to Oxbridge and get a job immediately afterwards.

A mother who escaped an abusive relationship to get a degree was told to remove it from her CV by Jobcentre staff to avoid ‘scaring off’ employers.

Rachel Sawford, 29, proudly told…

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